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01Intersection is a time to work on the ideal technique Swimming improvement. What do you plan to Pause After a long season swimming technique help or get ready to do the Training for the next one, YOU CAN welcome the next few months to Work on The List below – a list that can help you become a better swimmer.

Although not even the best coach in the world would be able to provide a swimming technique help written list that can guarantee success, the 10 points are the key points to keep in mind when testing a perfect freestyle movement (also known as the branch ).

With Opportunity And It May Be A Little Tip On The Edge Of Another Child’s Pool Or An Instructor, These Are 10 Elements You Have Free Base Mechanics. swimming technique help You have already mastered several of them, or you can just start learning to swim. Anyway, there is no better time to make technical improvements than now.

swimming technique help Take advice and focus only on this specific aspect of your stroke. The next week, the choice is sober Work a paraboire Another, the one from But do not forget that it has been written the week before. In 10 weeks, not only will the stroke be significantly improved, swimming technique help but the improvement is natural and they require less concentration than putting them together in a few months.

Instead of charging you too much information to the (Common United Nations One Extremes Clinical Swimming Week) once, it has taken several months to carefully control all the different basic elements.
1. position of the head

The position of the Body in Water is the most important Element for Efficacy Nantes, and its head position dictated the position of the rest of the Body. Beware of your hairline from the water area on the face of you (if your hairline backwards, make sure it is right front you knew it in the area of the area!).

The muscles of the neck and upper back should be relaxed, and assuming that your body is parallel to the bottom of the pool (as it should be), known head should be leaning forward about 45 degrees. If you “entered” your head into your chest, swimming technique help the One-way serve 25 pounds of Resistance. It will also change the body position, forcing your body to dive down and hips to break.

Conversely, if you look too far, you will face resistance and neck and upper back muscles tense, causing fatigue and discomfort.
2. Reach forward

With All The Bang, make sure your bra extender knew Max longitudinal. Many swimmers placed in the water known primarily from the before their head and their begin to draw submarine. Instead, focus on putting your head in the water about 15 inches in front of you, then act in front of an additional 6 inches while extending the arm from the shoulder.

This small movement involving your shoulder (imagine this you and lover try a Reach just in the Beyond its Reach) lengthens CAN and soften your blow for maximum efficiency.
3. Body Rotation

Rotation of the body is somewhat linked to the achievement of the front, in that body in rotation knew every shot, which facilitate your shoulders stretching forward at the end of each race. When your right arm is fully extended in front of you (and your left is about to leave the water behind the recovery), your body should turn to the right.

THIS MEANS The right side of the side of His body and He was immersed to face the bottom of the pool, WHILE ALL the left side of his Body was Brising Towards the ceiling / sky. With the next hit, your Body pivots to the LEFT in Modify 120-degree Environment position. Imagine a rotating chicken spit spindle On the ax, and that’s how your Body Demos turn it every time.
4. Handle “hourglass”

When you strip your body through the water with your arms, you want to maximize the amount of water drawn. Since the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the one previously selected who wants to swim is to shoot the straight arms into the water. Instead, practice an S-shape (a longer path to complete each stroke), so if you pull the two arms at the same time, the resulting trajectory will resemble a waist-high waist butterfly wasp) .

At the beginning of the race, the main Prolongation Towards the outside, the Do Body of loin. Keep elbows high. As the water was captured, the hand knew to curve inwards
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